I help organising the USC seminar with Andrew Manion and Aaron Mezel-Gee. If you would like to give a talk, please reach out!

I am also organising a USC-Caltech reading seminar on curve counting. We meet every Tuesday at Caltech. If you would like to come let me know.

The, tentative, schedule so far is:

Oct 1 – Tom – Intro part one

Oct 8 – Tom – Intro part two

Oct 15 – Jihoon Sohn- Geodesic Currents;

Oct 22 – Lei Chen – Mirzakhani’s simple closed curve asymptotics;

Oct 29 – Nathaniel l. Sagman- McShane’s Identity ;

Nov 5 – Francis Bonahon – Thurston Measure ;

Nov 12 –

Nov 19 – No Seminar

Nov 26 – No Seminar;

Dec 3 – Peter Smillie –

Dec 10 –



I am trying to keep some notes (still WIP and prolly riddled with typos/imprecisions). They will be here at some point.


Reading list: